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About Us

The RE3EL Empire(T.R.E) is a music entertainment label, founded October 26th, 2014. The label currently consists of  hip hop, soul, and R&B Artists. The purpose of The RE3EL Empire is to provide upcoming Artists with a opportunity to build their brand, music catalog,  videos, albums and more.



The label stands strongly behind their motto "Sell The Art. Not The Soul"  ALL artist(s) signed to the label have creative control over their music, and Image. TRE truly believes that if a label wants to truly obtain benefit and success. A label must support their roster with the highest regards. While also conducting TRANSPARENT business with said artist.


"Our mission is to provide artists on our label's roster with, multimedia support, social support, and  a consistent flow of  planned & released music content.


All of which are relevant to the individual artist's brand and image.  Lastly, we have a strong network which in  returns, places opportunities upon musicians we work with. 


We truly believe in our motto which is "Sell The Art. Not The Soul" This is something we at, The RE3EL EMPIRE call an "Exchange of Loyal Energy." which to us means "one who helps others succeed, will in return excel themselves." 

-J. McClain, AAS, BT, CTS

Founder & Chief Executive Officer; 

The RE3EL Empire Music Entertainment.

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